About Us!

Offering the highest form of beauty education and supporting learners into the beauty industry is what NH Training Academy is all about. 

Starting up a career in a new industry can be nerve wrecking and can sometimes feel lonely so our support is apparent from the offset of booking a course with us. 

Our extensive knowledge of the beauty industry helps us help learners on any path they are choosing to take, whether they decide to start up a mobile business, rent some space or start their own salon we can advise. 

And this is why NH Training Academy was created to not only help people get into this ever expanding industry but to be a support system, one which I never had when starting out on my self employed journey. 

The potential of starting a beauty business literally changes the lives of those who are willing to put in all the work, dedication and consistency needed to see growth. We are not here promising it will change your life over night but if you do not quit on yourself you will see your life, schedule and mindset transform! 

Our training and facility is rated 5 star by our previous students and we have supported 100’s of students get qualified and start their own thriving beauty business!

We can help you too! 

Courses available:

  • Eyelash courses
  • Eyebrow courses
  • Hair extension courses 
  • Facial courses 
  • Aesthetic courses
  • Nail courses 

Get in touch with one of the team to discuss your career! 


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pic of learners


NH Training Academy was created to help people learn a new skill that can change their lives and their income. Gaining a skillset for me as a young mum, allowed me to go onto work for myself and build a business which allowed me more time for my children, family and other commitments.  I have created an academy that offers the correct support to students. A lot of my courses I attended, I never heard from them again. Thats not how we are! When we promise support we stand by that! 

– Niela Hussain, CEO