Please read prior to booking a course to ensure you fully understand your responsibility when booking with us, 


Bookings should be made online or via telephone. Upon booking the course a deposit is required to secure your place. If the course is due to start with-in 7 days full payment will be required. Once a booking is made you will receive a course confirmation with your course details with-in 48 hours. Please note your deposit is none refundable and will be lost in the event of not showing. Booking fee’s only cover the course you are booked on to and can not be transferred to a different course.

Cancellations or course date transfers

If you cancel a course, you will lose your deposit. Date transfers are available given you have requested this at least 7 days before your course is due to start. Under extreme circumstances we may transfer the date for you. You can only transfer dates for the course you were originally booked on. To transfer a date, you will need to pay another deposit which will be deducted from your course fees. No refunds are issued when transferring dates.

In the event of failing to attend a course no refund will be given, and no rebooking will be made without another payment/booking.

Course instructions

You will receive all instruction for courses via email in good time before your course is due to start. If you have not received course instruction 5 days before your due to start, please contact the academy.


All our training manuals are now online and we do not supply these in academy, the tutor goes over the theory and you have a chance to write notes. You have access to your theory online for 6months+.

Passing your course

To complete your course in academy you must show competence when carrying out the treatment on a live model/doll head. Failure to demonstrate the treatment, your tutor will invite you back into 1 more practical session for free to help you. If you still are unable to demonstrate the treatment we will ask you to practice at home and send in case studies for certificates.


Certificate is same day and may be given in person or via email.

Returning for training

If you don’t feel up to scratch after finishing your course, we offer support via email or text. We will also invite you back to courses at discounted rates.


No kits are included with in your course fee’s.

Dress code

We do not have a dress code however please wear comfy clothes and suitable shoes. Black clothing is preferred for professionalism when dealing with models.

Aesthetic courses are required to wear tunic’s or scrubs for clinic.


We are covered by ABT/CPD for all courses we run. We can also give discount for insurance to our learners once course is complete.

Academy Rules

Please arrive 15 minutes before course is due to start

Keep phones on silent / Feel free to take pictures and tag the academy

No bullying or discrimination will be accepted, and you may be asked to leave immediately

Respect other learner’s capabilities

Age restrictions 

All our beauty courses are for 16+

Our aesthetic courses are 18+